WIS 2016 Abstracts

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Paper Nr: 3

Cloud Services Selection by Load Balancing between Clouds - A Hybrid MCDM/Markov Chain Approach


Ouassila Hioual and Sofiane Mounine Hemam

Abstract: With the rapid growth of cloud computing, a number of service providers have appeared who offer similar services at various prices and performance levels. So, the increasing number of cloud services has made service selection a challenging decision-making problem. In a multi cloud environment, we need to find a service from multiple clouds by taking into account several requirements (user and system ones). In this paper, we present a cloud service selection model in which we focus on load-balancing across the replicas of services placed at different clouds, this, by taking into account end-user requirements for the service price.

Short Papers
Paper Nr: 4

Street Web - A Framework for “Web on the Road” Smart Services


Michele Angelaccio and Berta Buttarazzi

Abstract: Many recent trends in mobile web and context aware applications are leading to consider new applicative scenario including the so called smart services which are characterized by the use of autonomous devices connected to internet (sensors, beacons, etc.) cooperating with user personal mobile devices (tablet, smartphone, etc.). In this work we describe a conceptual framework, called STREET (Sensor network "on The Road " for EnhancEd internet of Touristic things) WEB, aimed to support mobile users moving in smart scenarios (e.g smart tourism) with the aim to combine context aware information and high quality geo marketing services in the same web infrastructure enhanced with sensors. STREET WEB makes possible to implement smart services (smart museum, etc.) in an easy way by integrating micro servers, distributed in the scenario (servers on the road), called smart boxes, working as a geo based Cloud system in an autonomous way, as a Distributed Local Storage system, without remote internet access.