08:30 Welcome Desk & Registration (08:30 - 09:00)
09:15 - 09:30 - Room MR. 09 Opening Session
09:30 - 10:30 - Room MR. 09 Panel: Social, Political and Economic Implications of Cloud and Web Chair: Donald F. Ferguson
10:45 Coffee-Break (10:45 - 11:00)
11:00 - 12:30 - Room MR. 12 Parallel Session 1 - Internet Technology
  • 129: Interoperability for Web Services based Smart Home Control Systems Hannu Järvinen and Petri Vuorimaa
  • 130: An Integrated Approach for Designing and Validating REST Web Service Compositions Irum Rauf, Faezeh Siavashi, Dragos Truscan and Ivan Porres
11:00 - 12:30 - Room MR. 10 Parallel Session 1 - Web Intelligence
  • 63: Product Feature Taxonomy Learning based on User Reviews Nan Tian, Yue Xu, Yuefeng Li, Ahmad Abdel-Hafez and Audun Josang
  • 134: User Semantic Model for Dependent Attributes to Enhance Collaborative Filtering Sonia Ben Ticha, Azim Roussanaly, Anne Boyer and Khaled Bsaïes
  • 143: An Approach to Detect Polarity Variation Rules for Sentiment Analysis Pierluca Sangiorgi, Agnese Augello and Giovanni Pilato
12:30 Lunch (12:30 - 14:00)
14:00 - 15:30 - Room MR. 12 Parallel Session 2 - Internet Technology
  • 43: Comparing Topic Models for a Movie Recommendation System Sonia Bergamaschi, Laura Po and Serena Sorrentino
  • 58: A Survey on Challenges and Methods in News Recommendation Özlem Özgöbek, Jon Atle Gulla and R. Cenk Erdur
  • 96: Implicit User Profiling in News Recommender Systems Jon Atle Gulla, Arne Dag Fidjestøl, Xiaomeng Su and Humberto Castejon
  • 106: A Recommendation System for Specifying and Achieving S.M.A.R.T. Goals Romain Bardiau, Magali Seguran, Aline Senart and Ana Maria Tuta Osman
14:00 - 15:30 - Room MR. 10 Parallel Session 2 - Society, e-Business and e-Government
  • 14: The Co-retweeted Network and Its Applications for Measuring the Perceived Political Polarization Samantha Finn, Eni Mustafaraj and Panagiotis T. Metaxas
  • 64: The Effectiveness of Electronic Word of Mouth on Consumers’ Perceptions of Adopting Products/Services - A Literature Review Ali Reza Montazemi and Hamed Qahri Saremi
  • 108: Who Runs the Internet? - Classifying Autonomous Systems into Industries Annika Baumann and Benjamin Fabian
  • 133: Internet Science for Strategic Planning Žiga Turk
15:30 - 16:30 - Room MR. 09 Keynote Lecture Typed Graphs and Linked Data - Modelling and Analyzing Social-semantic Web Data Fabien Gandon, INRIA, France
16:30 Coffee-Break (16:30 - 17:15)
16:30 - 17:30 - Foyer Posters Session 1
  • 8: Experiences from and Attitudes towards Applying User Participation in Public e-Service Development Jesper Holgersson and Eva Söderström
  • 16: XML Approximate Semantic Query based on Ontology Yunkai Zhu, Chunhong Zhang and Yang Ji
  • 18: Finding Domain Experts in Microblogs Shao Xianlei, Zhang Chunhong and Ji Yang
  • 20: Delay-based Congestion Control Mechanism for Video Services - Mechanism including Backward Loading and Real-time Modes Juha Vihervaara and Pekka Loula
  • 21: An Approach to Transform Public Administration into SOA-based Organizations J. Sedeño, C. J. Torrecilla-Salinas, M. J. Escalona and M. Mejías
  • 23: Analysis of LinkedIn Privacy Settings - Are they Sufficient, Insufficient or Just Unknown? Pilar Manzanares-Lopez, Juan Pedro Muñoz-Gea and Josemaria Malgosa-sanahuja
  • 31: Prediction of Human Personality Traits From Annotation Activities Nizar Omheni, Omar Mazhoud, Anis Kalboussi and Ahmed HadjKacem
  • 36: SIWAM: Using Social Data to Semantically Assess the Difficulties in Mountain Activities Javier Rincón Borobia, Carlos Bobed, Angel Luis Garrido and Eduardo Mena
  • 39: Implementing a Semantic Catalogue of Geospatial Data Helbert Arenas, Benjamin Harbelot and Christophe Cruz
  • 42: Testing Discovered Web Services Automatically Pinar Karagoz and Selma Utku
  • 46: Towards Automatic Building of Learning Pathways Patrick Siehndel, Ricardo Kawase, Bernardo Pereira Nunes and Eelco Herder
  • 48: An Implementation-independent Evaluation Model for Server-based Signature Solutions Thomas Zefferer and Bernd Zwattendorfer
  • 59: Using Healthcare Planning Features to Drive Scientific Workflows on the Web Bruno S. C. M. Vilar, André Santanchè and Claudia Bauzer Medeiros
  • 70: Linked Data Strategy to Achieve Interoperability in Higher Education Guillermo García Juanes, Alioth Rodríguez Barrios, José Luis Roda García, Laura Gutiérrez Medina, Rita Díaz Adán and Pedro González Yanes
  • 85: Integrating Adaptation and HCI Concepts to Support Usability in User Interfaces - A Rule-based Approach Luisa Fernanda Barrera, Angela Carrillo-Ramos, Leonardo Florez-Valencia, Jaime Pavlich-Mariscal and Nadia Alejandra Mejia-Molina
  • 109: Exploring the Bitcoin Network Annika Baumann, Benjamin Fabian and Matthias Lischke
  • 150: Extensible Data Management Architecture for Smart Campus Applications - A Crowdsourcing based Solution Attila Adamkó and Lajos Kollár
17:30 - 19:00 - Room MR. 12 Parallel Session 3 - Internet Technology
  • 15: A Multitier Debugger for Web Applications Manuel Serrano
  • 115: Low Complexity Spatial Similarity Measure of GPS Trajectories Radu Mariescu-Istodor, Andrei Tabarcea, Rahim Saeidi and Pasi Fränti
  • 145: Are Model-driven Techniques Used as a Means to Migrate SOA Applications to Cloud Computing? Miguel Botto, Javier González-Huerta and Emilio Insfran
17:30 - 19:00 - Room MR. 10 Parallel Session 3 - Society, e-Business and e-Government
  • 33: I Am off Then: Drivers of Travellers’ Intentions to Book Trips Online - An Integrated Study on Technology Acceptance and Satisfaction Maria Madlberger
  • 51: A Model to Specify Inter-company Cooperation Meriem Kermani, Mahmoud Boufaida and Emmanuel Paviot-Adet
  • 105: An Investigation of Factors and Measurements for Successful e-Commerce Websites Xiaosong Li, Wei Lian and Abdolhossein Sarrafzadeh
  • 155: A Domotic Ecosystem Driven by a Networked Intelligence Luca Ferrari, Matteo Gioia, Gian Luca Galliani and Bruno Apolloni
19:00 Welcome Drink (19:00 - 19:30)